The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission was created in 1982 by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
LWS It is our mission to protect the public health and environment of Lynn by providing clean, safe superior quality drinking water and by creating a cleaner ocean environment through wastewater treatment. The Commission is a service organization delivering clean water to homes and businesses and then removing and treating the resulting wastewater.

Mandatory Water Ban In Effect | September 26, 2016

Due to the extreme dry weather pattern experienced throughout the Greater Boston Area, the reservoir system that serves the City of Lynn’s drinking water supply has dropped below 46% of its maximum capacity. Pursuant to the Lynn Water & Sewer Commission’s Water Conservation Policy and Drought Contingency Plan, a Mandatory Ban has been imposed on the use of water in our community.

The Commission requests the cooperation of ALL Lynn residents, municipal departments, restaurants, and businesses in conserving water as part of an effort to relieve demands on the drinking water supply. The following list identifies actions requested by the Commission in order to conserve water:

  1. The Commission has imposed a ban on all outdoor water use.
  2. The Commission has requested that the Lynn Department of Public Works shut off water on the Gannon Municipal Golf Course.
  3. The Commission will place repair of leaks as a top priority item.
  4. Fire hydrants shall be only used for fire fighting.
  5. Restrict restaurants to serve water only upon request.
  6. The Commission will issue warnings for first offenses and impose fines or termination of service for repeated violations.

The public will be advised when the Commission’s reservoir levels have increased. Until that time, your efforts toward conserving and preserving the City of Lynn’s drinking water resources will be deeply appreciated.

Daniel F. O’Neill, P.E.
Executive Director

Download This and the Previous Water Restriction Notices

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