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Updated 7/12/2022: Licensed LWSC Contractors List

Guidelines and Policies

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Rules and Regulations

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Becoming A Licensed LWSC Contractor

To be licensed by the Lynn Water & Sewer Commission, (LWSC) please submit the following information:

1. Completed Application form, providing at least three written references from cities, towns, or previous clients.

2. Have your Insurance Company provide:

- Stamped or Notarized Bond in the amount of $10,000 on enclosed LWSC Bond form, or Continuation Certificate of same.

- Certificate of Liability Insurance for:

a. General Liability
b. Automotive Liability
c. Workers Compensation and Employers’ Liability as required by M.G.L. c.152, §25.

Note: If the company owner is the sole employee of the company, Worker’s
Compensation requirement can be waived.

3. $75 Payment of Drain Layers License fee. Make checks payable to Lynn Water & Sewer Commission (LWSC).

Note: All Drainlayers’ Licenses expire on December 31st of each year.

Drainlayers wishing to renew LWSC license shall provide, new Bond
or Continuation Certificate of existing Bond, and $75 Drain Layers
License fee before any permits can be issued the following year.

If you or your Insurance Company have any questions, please call LWSC Engineering Department at (781) 596-2400.

Forms and Documents Available For Download

ACROBAT General Service Application  

Hydrant Meter Rental

Temporary use of LWSC hydrants IS allowed provided that the user pulls a permit and meter from LWSC Engineering Department. The cost is a minimum of $100. The set-up fee is $75 there is a $25 minimum use fee, with metered cost thereafter. The minimum use fee of $25 equates to 1874 gallons or 251 ft3, effective through June 30, 2017.

The permit and use of the meter shall be a 30 day time period. The user must provide a check for $500 as a deposit to be kept on file in the Engineering Office while the meter is in the user’s possession.

If the meter is NOT returned to the LWSC Engineering Department within 30 days, the user’s deposit check will be cashed.

The 30 day period begins when the meter is provided to the user.
Upon return of the meter to LWSC Engineering Department, the final meter reading will be taken and the actual cost, if above the minimum use, shall be determined using current LWSC rates.

The user must provide a check for the balance as calculated when returning the meter before the deposit check of $500 is returned.

Forms and Documents Available For Download

ACROBAT Temporary Hydrant Permit  

Fire Flow Testing

To perform a Fire Hydrant Flow Test, you must pull a permit with the LWSC Engineering Department. Upon obtaining the permit, a LWSC Water Construction truck will meet you in the field at your location to open the hydrant you will perform the test at. LWSC does not perform the actual flow test or calculations.

When you receive your permit, you will also be given the Hydrant Flow Test Field Notes sheet. We ask that you return this sheet to LWSC after performing the test, showing the pressures, residuals, and final flow reading.

Please keep in mind that the scheduling of when a truck can meet you at the location is dependent on their schedule, as emergency jobs take precedence.

Forms and Documents Available For Download 

ACROBAT Fire Flow Test Permit  
ACROBAT Hydrant Flow Test Field Notes  

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