The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission was created in 1982
by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
LWS It is our mission to protect the public health and environment of Lynn by providing clean, safe superior quality drinking water and by creating a cleaner ocean environment through wastewater treatment.

The Commission is a service organization delivering clean water to homes and businesses and then removing and treating the resulting wastewater.

Announcements | April 2018


April-May 2018
Please be advised: The Lynn Water & Sewer Commission will be conducting hydrant flushing
between the hours of 6 PM until 10 PM during April and May, starting Monday April 9, 2018.

Rusty and dirty water may be experienced for a short time during and after flushing.  If the water appears dirty, leaving the tap open for several minutes following flushing should clear the pipes. Prior to doing laundry, residents are advised to check the hydrant flushing schedule.

Hydrant Flushing Dates and Locations- Week 1 and 2
This program is necessary to clean the distribution system of residual materials that normally settle out in the mains during the year so as to ensure the delivery of better quality water during the coming summer months.

April 9
Western Ave. & Chatham St. to Oakwood Ave.
Eastern Ave. from Essex St. to Western Ave., Including all streets to Swampscott line.

April 10
Chatham St. & Oakwood Ave. to Essex St.
Essex St. to Eastern Ave.

April 11
Chatham St. to Lewis St.
Essex St. to Eastern Ave. Eastern Ave. to New Ocean St.

April 12
Lynn Shore Drive to Lynnway & Broad St.
Lewis St. to Ocean St.

April 17
Union St. from Central Sq. to Chestnut St.
Chestnut St. to Broad St. Broad St. to Exchange St.
Areas of Lafayette Park

April 18
Chatham St. to Essex St. & Chatham St.
Western Ave. to Chestnut St.
Chestnut St. & Western Ave. to Essex St. Includes Memorial Park.

April 19
Boston St. & Chestnut St. to Western Ave.
Chestnut St. & Western Ave. to Franklin St. Franklin St. & Boston St. to Western Ave.

Per:Daniel O’Neill
Executive Director

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December 2016 Scam Alert: LWSC has received reports of an individual approaching homeowners claiming to sell a water system device and/or insurance, and requesting to enter the home.

This individual has no affiliation with LWSC and Lynn Police have been notified. If you have any questions or concerns about your water, please contact LWSC directly at (781) 596-2400.

POL Did you know...
You can pay your Lynn Water Bill online with our eBill Electronic Bill Payment Service eBill offers Lynn Residents an easy and secure method to pay water bills online. First time users need to sign in with an email address and you're ready to go! MasteCard ®, Discover ® and American Express ® are accepted.
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