The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission was created in 1982
by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
LWS It is our mission to protect the public health and environment of Lynn by providing clean, safe superior quality drinking water and by creating a cleaner ocean environment through wastewater treatment.

The Commission is a service organization delivering clean water to homes and businesses and then removing and treating the resulting wastewater.

Announcements | June 2018
The Lynn Water & Sewer Commission is pleased to post the Annual Report on the quality of Lynn’s drinking water. The most current contains results of your drinking water tested during 2017 and other important information about your drinking water. The Commission has an extensive water testing and monitoring program which is explained in this report. Test results show that Lynn’s drinking water is in full compliance with all the standards established by the Federal and State agencies that regulate public water supplies. The Commission is pleased to report that it has received the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Drinking Water Award for Outstanding Performance for 2017.

The Commission has great confidence in the water that is delivered to the residents of Lynn. Please take the time to read this important report and contact us if you have any questions or comments about the report or your water quality.

Our 2017 Water Quality Report Is Now Available

Community Announcement Archive
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September 2016 Water Restriction Update
August 2016 Water Restriction Notice
December 2016 Scam Alert: LWSC has received reports of an individual approaching homeowners claiming to sell a water system device and/or insurance, and requesting to enter the home.

This individual has no affiliation with LWSC and Lynn Police have been notified. If you have any questions or concerns about your water, please contact LWSC directly at (781) 596-2400.

POL Did you know...
You can pay your Lynn Water Bill online with our eBill Electronic Bill Payment Service eBill offers Lynn Residents an easy and secure method to pay water bills online. First time users need to sign in with an email address and you're ready to go! MasteCard ®, Discover ® and American Express ® are accepted.
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